Five Points Partnership Program Overview

Generate additional revenue for your company and technicians without additional overhead or staff through our customized Partnership Program.

Five Points Home Services partners with HVAC companies in the D/FW Metroplex to offer your company the ability to offer insulation services to your customers without the time and resources to do the work.

Our staff is trained to professionally represent your company. We are always on time and courteous. We take before and after pictures to show your customers. We take the time to clean up after we’ve finished so your customers are left happy with your company when we’ve completed the work.

Along with customized price books for your technicians, you’ll also receive 24/7/365 access to immediate support for any questions from your techs or customers. Immediate scheduling is available while your tech is still with the homeowner.

If your tech sells just one job a week, that’s an average of $4,000.00 additional revenue towards your goals, and potentially earning a commission for themselves, as well.



YOU and your Tech GET PAID

Partner with Five Points Home Services

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Customized Sales and Pricing Book

We provide your technicians with training and an informational, custom price book that has your company name and logo, to assist them in quoting available insulation services to your customers.

These price books will have YOUR retail prices with your customized markup already included.

Benefits of being a Five Points Home Services Partner

  • Increase your revenue without additional overhead or staff
  • Offer additional services to your customers without the time and resources to do the work
  • Have your company professionally represented by our trained staff
  • Receive 24/7/365 support
  • Get paid quickly and easily

How does the Program Work?



Your tech is at a home that is in need of insulation. The tech has the ability to call our experts to get attic square footage of the home.


Your tech uses your customized pricebook to quote the three options of insulation services to the homeowner.


If the homeowner wants the services, the technician or your dispatch department calls our experts to schedule a day and time for the installation.


The technician collects according to your company policy.


We show up as scheduled and complete the job.


We take before and after pictures to show your customer.


We invoice you for the job.

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Average Percent of Energy Loss From Lack of Insulation

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It's Not Just About The Insulation...

Unlock the full potential of insulation with Five Points Home Services. We go beyond the material to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. From expert installation to premium materials, our commitment to excellence ensures optimal performance. Experience the Five Points difference and enjoy long-lasting comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.

Insulation Removal

​Before you make any decisions about installing new insulation, make sure your old insulation is removed by a professional. As outdated insulation is removed, it can kick up harmful particles like mold and asbestos. Hiring a professional insulation removal company like Five Points will ensure that you and your family do not inhale any of these particles.

Soffit Vents & Baffles

This is another critical part of a healthy attic. If the air isnt coming through the soffit vents on your home, the attic isnt getting the fresh air it needs to maintain an efficient system.
​We offer the services of cleaning your soffit vents and install soffit baffles if your home was built before they became a requirement of the building industry.

Solar Attic Fan

Often the property’s HVAC system duct-work is routed through attic spaces, which, even though they are insulated to protect the house below, will still get very hot when in the direct sun or the heat of high summer. This means that your cool A/C air passing through the duct-work is likely to be less cool after passing through 30 feet of heated attic space! A/C duct-work may only have an insulation R-value of 6 or 8, less in older properties. Replacing your air turbine with a Solar fan will help remove the hot air in your attic.

Transform Your Attic with Solar-Powered Cooling!

Air Sealing

​If you get a competitor’s salesman in your home telling you their crews don’t airseal because “a house needs to breathe,” please send them packing back to 1985. In terms of overall comfort and energy savings, this step is as important as adding insulation. We use caulk and foam to stop the leaks between your attic and home where we detect them, because we don’t want that nasty superheated /super-freezing attic air mixing with your home’s clean, treated air. The more we can keep the extreme temperatures in your attic separate from your living space below, the better off you’ll be, and the more you’ll save on your energy bill. If you are getting cheap bids that skip this step, you could be making a very costly mistake-when there are only a couple inches of existing insulation, the only good thing about that is that we can get in there and really seal everything up before all the new insulation is added, and then you get a great one-two punch. Once all the insulation has been blown in, there will likely never again be an opportunity to really thoroughly seal it up, so if this step is skipped, it is a real missed opportunity.